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Global U partners with forward-thinking colleges to give young Christian leaders the network, resources, and skills needed to change the world while they earn their degrees.

Joining Global U is not for everyone. For many, it serves as their most challenging year. If you choose to join us, you choose to serve alongside international missions organizations in the context of a developing world. You choose to develop startups and missional enterprises - learning leadership, teamwork, and the strategy necessary to become a pioneer.

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Making a difference takes time

At Global U, we care about making a real impact in the world, but we know that takes years, commitment, and a team to run with. In fact we say making a difference in the world takes a minimum of 10 years. Are you looking for a network that’s willing to make a 10 year commitment?

If you are, here is our commitment to you ... you will be challenged in all areas. You will be equipped with proven leadership and entrepreneurship tools and taught how to apply them in your personal life, within the community you live, and on the project that brings your dream to life.

We commit to an educational journey that is aligned with the discovery of your God-given calling. And provide that education without the burden of debt, seriously we have a no-debt promise.

You see, we commit to run this race with you long after the months this program ends. Global U is a network and so we will expect the same from you! Can you commit?

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Phase One - Skill Boot-Camp

Phase One

Full-Stack Web Development

Global U’s Full-Stack Web Development program is the most comprehensive web development curriculum you’ll find. Unlike other Web Development programs, Global U students develop a deep understanding of algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture.

Phase Two - Global U Core


At the center of all that we do is our deep love for Jesus and a call to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth! As a part of the Global U program, we ask that you dive into your relationship with God, church, and ministry with an open heart and readiness to grow.

Global U is an interdenominational organization – all of our staff and students come from different church and faith backgrounds. Our goal is to cultivate an environment of healthy conversation around our faith while learning to be the church as displayed throughout the New Testament.

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Launch a Startup

Build, Measure, Learn is the mantra at Global U. It helps us move from a place of uncertainty to certainty with any endeavor we tackle. You may launch a non-profit, social impact project, tech startup, or even a podcast.

At Global U you will build a team, identify a problem, prototype solutions, test your assumptions in the marketplace, and launch your solution to the world.

What you build doesn't matter. What matters is that you will engage with the world's problems and learn what it takes to be successful at building solutions. But don't worry; you will have seasoned entrepreneurs mentoring you on your journey and sharing hard-won insights.


Individualized Coaching

Making progress on your goals and aspirations requires a high level of self-awareness and discipline – which is why every Global U student receives individualized coaching. You have the opportunity to set your values, vision, and way forward with a trained coach who will champion alongside you for every milestone.

Like most things in life, you will get out of your coaching what you are willing to put in. Our coaches provide the resources, encouragement, and accountability that will set you up for success in this program and beyond.

Your class will also receive weekly coaching classes that will allow you to grow in your ability to lead yourself and lead others. You will cover time management topics, conflict resolution, habits, goal setting, thought work, and so much more!


Cultural Immersion

At Global U, you will encounter two types of cultural immersion: the unique culture built within a class and the local setting's dynamic culture.

Your first month in the program is your opportunity to encounter and influence the Global U network culture – one that values things like feedback, team dynamics, growth, and faith.

Dive into the culture around you – every location you visit this year holds its own flavor of life open for exploration! There are intentional times set aside for you to discover what the world around you has to offer.


Mentorship and Network

All great individuals stand on the shoulders of giants. We know that and ask you to enter the program ready to receive mentorship from those who have gone before you.

First, you will have your on-field leadership team – this is a group of 20 and 30 somethings who have been in your shoes and want to pay it forward by giving back. They will serve you as coaches, teachers, disciplers, and more.

Next, you will have access to the greater network made of Mentors, alumni, and connections. We have CEOs, Founders, entrepreneurs, pastors, ministry leaders, parents, and more ready to pass along some guidance and wisdom. If you show up prepared to work, you have the opportunity to join this esteemed network at the end of your year here.

Excel College

Phase 3 - Earn Your Degree

Earn college credit and build a foundation for life by enrolling in Excel College’s Bachelor of Arts program in Religious Studies, Integrated Economy, and Critical Thinking.

Degree Overview

A bachelor’s that shows you how to build a life not just a living

In Excel College’s Core Program, we study one subject at a time in the flow of the biblical narrative to lay a foundation for this common human calling – a foundation from which to build your life. Our program is built around a cohort of students who live together, study together, and encourage each other toward a life that reflects the call of Jesus.

Our classroom isn’t conventional. We’ve abandoned traditional lectures, discarded textbooks, and reimagined the possibilities of the classroom, so that you, the student, can uncover new perspectives, engage in community discussion, and allow what you’ve discovered to transform your life.

Classical Learning

You’ll go straight to the best minds in history and industry by reading the works of people like C.S. Lewis, Plato, Wendell Berry, and so many more.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to think (not just what to think) through our proprietary critical thinking method.

Socratic Method

The best way to learn is to participate. That’s why we replace traditional lectures with the Socratic method, a discussion based approach used for fostering critical thinking.

One Subject At A Time

You’ll study one subject at a time in the flow of the biblical narrative. We cover all of what has been traditionally called “the liberal arts” – all the way from theology to fine arts and economics.

Cohort Model

Christ-centered community is at the core of a transformative learning experience. That’s why we never change classes, classmates, or professors.


The Perfect Place For Young Leaders

Learn how to lead teams to tackle the world’s problems strategically. Join the Global U network and gain the resources and skills needed to impact the world.

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Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies, Integrated Economy, and Critical Thinking in 30 months through our partnership with Excel College.

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Zero Debt Promise

Student debt to finance education is a failed model. Begin with no loans and end with no debt. Global U has pioneered a proven model that allows students from any background to complete their degree with zero debt.

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Experiential Learning

We provide you with the tools you need to succeed and the support to make your own path. Just be bold, take action, and learn from your experience, it’s all part of the process.

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Global Campus

Your learning is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom. Immerse yourself in to cultures around the world. You have the opportunity to engage as a functional member of an international community.

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Discover a community dedicated to solving hard problems around the world. Find members like yourself, with the talent and dedication necessary to embark on the 10 year journey.


2019 - 2020 Class

Reviews From Students

global u gap year reviews
Global U gave me permission to launch my dream

You know that revolutionary thought— the one that won’t leave your mind? It’s the image you have of the world being a fraction better than it is right now. No matter how hard you try to push the idea away, somehow, it always comes back.

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Most Formative Year of My Life

I have learned full-stack web development, entrepreneurship, and business skills by DOING, and have been under top-tier mentorship. On top of it all, Global U is genuinely a Christ-centered community...