Blitz Week is a NEW one week course! Gain the tools to take ownership of your life.Earn $500 off Global U!

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Blitz Week is a NEW one week course! Gain the tools to take ownership of your life.

Earn $500 off Global U!Learn More

🚀 Take a gap year and launch your startup.

Global U is a Christian gap year program for artists, builders, and entrepreneurs looking to live life on mission.

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Experience The Global U Difference

You sense that God created you for something more. That He wants you to make a difference.

We feel the same way. Global U offers an alternative to traditional higher education that gives you marketable skills, without piles of debt. The world is changing. We equip you to be the change-maker it needs.

Our Process

Idea to Reality

Passion Projects are a way for students to put what they learn in the classroom into practice in the real-world and to tackle real-world problems.


Month 1 - 3 | Team Building & Ideation

Through facilitated discussions, exposure to the world, it’s needs, and time focused on your values and visions, we will help you discern what you are most passionate about addressing and building.

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Month 4 - 6 | Product-Market Fit

This stage will largely include making assumptions and testing them out in the marketplace. Your results here will inform your decisions moving forward – you’ll discover whether you can actually make a profit or if it’s time for a pivot.

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Month 7 - 9 | Enterprise Launching

It’s time to launch your project out into the world! Alongside your mentor, you will dive into marketing, branding, and build a following. This may be a time to build out your team. Do you need an accountant, a lawyer, suppliers, your first employee?

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2019-2020 Class

Reviews From Students

  • Most Formative Year of My Life

    " I have learned full-stack web development, entrepreneurship, and business skills by DOING, and have been under top-tier mentorship. On top of it all, Global U is genuinely a Christ-centered community - seeking to bring the Kingdom of God into all aspects of life...." - Benjamin Ramer

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  • Who said college is the best 4 years of your life?

    "I graduated from one of the top universities in the country, graduated was a dual major, was a division 1 athlete for soccer, led a club, and was in a sorority. You can say I had a full college experience. Yet, there was something about the Global U experience that I can't even compare to...." - Hailey Hite

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  • Life Changing Experience!

    "On this trip, I've learned how to apply the skills I have, and use them to make a real difference in this world. You'll learn by actually building your ideas from the ground up rather than from a standardized textbook...." - Nathan Bird

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  • More in 4 months than 4 years of University

    "The program provides an atmosphere of betterment in a holistic approach. Anyone thinking about bettering themself in their walk with the lord, or in business, or coding. I highly recommend this program to anyone in the college-age range...." - Laban Carrier

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  • Equipped to Change the World

    "I never thought that I would find a place where I could make my dreams a reality, while striving after the heart of Christ. At Global U, I have found a community that is determined to build up the Kingdom of God through innovation, redefining how we can change the world along the way...." - Alexa Hayes

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  • Grown More than EVER Before!

    "It is a unique, curated environment that is truly once in a life time- challenging and growing yet secure and my life will never be the same because of it!..." - Kareena Gentry

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  • How I have changed at Global U

    "I have grown in courage, healing, health, educationally, and spiritually in these past 9 months and I foresee nothing but benefits for those who join...." - Stephen Barton

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  • Global U Was Life-Changing

    "Everything about Global U, from the mentors and student community to the coding and entrepreneurship, is built around the student's growth. We received mentorship daily from leaders in tech, business, and the church...." - Kelson Mudd

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  • Just What I Needed

    "Not ready for college just yet? Sick of being stuck in a classroom, flipping through endless supplies of textbooks? Take a break. Take a gap year with Global U. You'll walk away with much more than you ever expected...." - Sophie Danielson

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  • Best Growth + Best Experiences

    "I remember a few weeks into Spain (our first country), realizing what Global U was actually like, and thinking “Wow, Global U was made just for me!” I had background with programming, as I am studying Computer Science in college and never would have thought something so tailored for me existed!..." - Jacob Hoekert

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