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You can change the world.

Global U is a Christian gap year program that helps you start now.

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Experience The Global U Difference

You sense that God created you for something more. That He wants you to make a difference.

We feel the same way. We need an alternative to traditional higher education that provides us with incredibly marketable skills, without the risk of falling into piles of debt. We need a place to run with our dreams, not give up on them.

What if there was another option?

One that was specially designed to help you on your path to greatness?

There is!

That’s why we started Global U.

Think of it as a Gap Year experience for young Christian go-getters.

A 9-month program for adults ages 18-23.

Your classroom...the world! (We travel to three different countries!)

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Do You Fit?

You sense there's more.

You are looking for a diverse tribe.

You would rather start things than fall in line.

Meet the 2019-2020 Class

Stories From Our Students

  • Our group of 4 began the night by listening to the Lord and asking Him who He would have us talk to. The second our prayers ended, we noticed a man with a severe limp walk down the street. We agreed immediately. We were supposed to go, talk to, and pray for that man.

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    How Will They Know?

    Kelson Mudd

  • On Tuesday night we had a worship night here in our home. As we were praying and singing, The Lord gave me a vision. I was standing barefoot in the dirt of a garden. As I took a step seeds were being planted. Following behind me was a gardener who caused each seed to grow by tenderly caring for it.

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    A never ending garden

    Kareena Gentry

  • We don’t go to a church building once a week, we are the Church every moment of the day—during our computer science lessons or cooking in the kitchen, we are learning how to be the Church—which I believe means God’s people living, encouraging, praying, worshiping, edifying each other, and a whole lot of other things— together.

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    What is Church?

    Jacob Hoekert

  • My Pops recently sent me a text asking me how I was doing. He saw a picture of my team and me, and in it I was on the outskirts. It looked as if I was not apart of the group. At the time, my intention was to place myself in a position where I was not hidden, and so I told my dad that I was doing good.

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    Where I Belong...

    Alexa Hayes

  • When I signed up, I barely had any questions because a start up that incorporates teaching entrepreneurship with building the Kingdom just made sense. This fusion has been on my mind just about every day for the past few years. It’s the world that I live in, but I realize that most people don’t.

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    A Day in the Life at Global U

    Mary Korch

  • Guys, God is full of surprises. And in beautiful ways he reminds us that he hears us. Let me share more on that. Oh, and answer how the saleswoman was also my sister.

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    The Saleswoman Is also My Sister

    Hailey Hite

  • I am sitting on the cool tile floor of our small kitchen. I look around the room and take in the moment: Here I am sitting on the floor with five of my Global U Framily (friends who have become family), eating cereal, at midnight. We spend hours talking about anything from friendships, to healing, to our passion projects, to coding, and the list goes on.

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    Kitchen Floor Talks

    Sierra Bell

  • After we had made it to the bus and were catching our breaths I look at my phone to see a message from my leader Andrew. "Can you give a 10 minute version of your story of finding Jesus tonight?"

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    Always Have Been, Always Will Be

    Kyla Calderon

Our Process

Idea to Reality


Month 1 - 3 | Ideation

You will be trained up by world-class mentors in the areas of entrepreneurship, coding, and spiritual development. Hang out in the dream space for a bit and find the people who are dreaming in the same direction.


Month 4 - 6 | Building

Take your idea and build it - recruit your team, develop a website, build a product MVP, and find potential customers.


Month 7 - 9 | Launch

The moment arrives to launch your dream and see how the world responds!

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