You can change the world.

Global U is a christian gap year program that trains young Christ-followers through entrepreneurship.

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Experience The Global U Difference

You sense that God created you for something more. That He wants you to make a difference.

We feel the same way. We need an alternative to traditional higher education that provides us with incredibly marketable skills, without the risk of falling into piles of debt. We need a place to run with our dreams, not give up on them.

What if there was another option?

One that was specially designed to help you on your path to greatness?

There is!

That’s why we started Global U.

Think of it as a Gap Year experience for young Christian go-getters.

A 9-month program for adults ages 18-23.

Your classroom...the world! (We travel to three different countries!)

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Do You Fit?

You sense there's more.

You are looking for a diverse tribe.

You would rather start things than fall in line.

Our Process

Idea to Reality


Month 1 - 3 | Ideation

You will be trained up by world-class mentors in the areas of entrepreneurship, coding, and spiritual development. Hang out in the dream space for a bit and find the people who are dreaming in the same direction.


Month 4 - 6 | Building

Take your idea and build it - recruit your team, develop a website, build a product MVP, and find potential customers.


Month 7 - 9 | Launch

The moment arrives to launch your dream and see how the world responds!

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