Our Team & History

Global U Christian Gap Year Program for young entrepreneurs was founded in 2018. Our network has grown to include CEOs, business founders, ministry leaders, missionaries, and beyond.

Meet Our Mentors

Andrew Shearman

Founder @ G42

Bob Davis

Founder @ Generous Giver, Data Scientist @ EmbryonicAI

Bob Mudd

COO @ B-Entertainment

Bobby John

Founder @ Band of Coders, Founder @ OneMD

Chris Hite

Co-Founder @ Coreland Companies

Dave Kuhnert

Production Manager @ CrownQuest Operating, Command Sergeant Major (Retired)

Elisabeth Chauncey

Program Manager @ Google Research - Artificial Intelligence

Ethan Wendle

Co-Founder @ DiamondBack Covers

Graham Williams

Founder @ The Stoke

Gregg Hake

Entrepreneur, Writer, and Business Leader

Hulet Smith

CEO @ Rehabmart

Justin Schneider

Founder @ Wolf & Shepherd

Lisa Black

Author and Speaker

Mark Almand

Corporate Director @ Elliott Wave International

Scott Barstow

Principal @ Rocket Hangar, Advisor @ Telestax, Venture Partner @ Sovereign's Capital

Meet Our Faculty

Alaina Owen

G.R.O.W Coach

Allina Robie

Student Experience Director

Jessica Martens

Director of Marketing

Joshua Owen

Co-Founder @ Global U

Kenneth Martens

On-Field Mentor

Mary Korch

On-Field Leader

Seth Barnes

Co-Founder @ Global U, Founder @ Adventures in Missions

Meet Our Alumni

Benjamin McCrary

Alpha Class

Hailey Hite

Alpha Class

Alexa Hayes

Alpha Class

Kelson Mudd

Alpha Class

Kyla Calderon

Alpha Class

Laban Carrier

Alpha Class

Lexi Grisanti

Alpha Class

Kareena Gentry

Alpha Class

Jacob Hoekert

Alpha Class

Mary Korch

Alpha Class

Nathan Bird

Alpha Class

Scott Valdez

Alpha Class

Sierra Bell

Alpha Class

Sophie Danielson

Alpha Class

Tyler Young

Alpha Class

Stephen Barton

Alpha & Bravo Class

Grace Roberts

Bravo Class

Cassie Solis

Bravo Class

Luca Williams

Bravo Class

Chloe Warren

Bravo Class

Austin McBride

Entrepreneur in Residence

Tammy Moye

Entrepreneur in Residence

Hannah Maher

Entrepreneur in Residence

Diego Alvarado

Charlie Class

Isaac Hemple

Charlie Class

Isaac (Kent) Califf

Charlie Class

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global u christian gap year


Josh Owen and Seth Barnes were talking about the schools they attended growing up. The lectures were boring. Sitting at a desk all day was boring. They realized they shared a dream: Create a school where learning was driven by passion, where class was fun, where lessons were learned by doing things instead of listening to someone talk. They thought about the crisis in higher education – students going into debt and losing their faith.

Seth created training organizations before that changed the life trajectory of the young people who went through them. Why not create a school that would address the need for an alternative to higher education that would be completely different – and a full level better than the one in existence? The idea for Global U Christian Gap Year for young aspiring faith-driven entrepreneurs was born.

international christian gap year


Wanting to keep costs down and give students an experiential understanding of a Biblical worldview, Josh and Seth decided to locate the school overseas. Wanting to give students practical experience, they decided to keep the mentor-student ratio at 1:3.



Realizing that they would need an experienced partner to help them disciple their students, they turned to the World Race. In January of 2019, they began recruiting the first class. Josh and Seth were determined to recruit a class that was propelled by their curiosity, strong in their faith, and driven by a good work ethic.

international christian gap year


It’s time to start! After spending a year building the class and recruiting mentors, they launched the Alpha Class of Global U Christian Gap Year by hiking the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain for two weeks.


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