10 WeekSummer Abroad Program

You have a unique calling, now it’s time to build a platform with it...

Global X allows you to dive in this summer! Join a group of elite creatives and entrepreneurial leaders as we travel through Central and South America – you will develop your skills in digital marketing while experiencing authentic Christ-centered community!

Summer Program
Bottom Circle
The Global X Experience

Establish yourself and your God-given gifts with a digital platform!

Whether you are presenting your personal brand or working in eCommerce, are you ready to explore your passions and share them with the world?

Time to put the work in to make your dreams a reality!

Developing tangible skills is an essential step for an entrepreneur. In today’s digital world you will have an advantage among the competition with the ability to understand and develop your own marketing strategies. Use your new skills to scale your brand, your business, or as a launching pad to build something new.

  • Calling

    It’s time to invest in developing your calling. Let’s discover how to use your gifts and skills for the Kingdom of God!

  • Community and Teams

    Teams go so much further than an individual. During your time with GX, you will develop relationships that help you reach your full potential.

  • Spiritual Activation

    Global X is made up of staff and students sold out for Jesus! This is the perfect time to explore the more in your relationship with God!

  • Ministry and Local Outreach

    Join local ministries and explore the different aspects of missions abroad with long-term missionaries and locals.

  • Travel and Cultural Perspective:

    This is an educational experience unlike any other – travel, ask questions, build your curiosity!

  • Personal Growth and Leadership

    Develop as a leader and practice self-governance as you work in a very self-initiated environment.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Master Digital Marketing: Global X will help you walk away with a practical skill. In the 10 week adventure, you will learn digital marketing. The world is changing, and we are giving you a tool to keep up with it. We view digital marketing as an essential skill to not only scale your business, but prepare you for this digital world.

Have Questions?

Email: team@theglobalu.org

Platforms To Test And Grow

Social Media
Vlogs and Blogs

Strategies We Tackle

Paid Advertising
Email Capture Optimization
Subscriber Growth
Social Media Algorithms

Personal Development Plans

In order to help you set your dreams and the steps to get there, we help you work through a Personal Development Plan. This is a space for you to set goals, receive feedback, and maintain a healthy lifestyle of growth! While the program is only 10 weeks, you will leave with a plan and systems that will take you far beyond the summer!

Three Latin American Locations

Guatemala | Costa Rica | Ecuador

Our journey as Christ centered business leaders will take place across the Americas as we immerse ourselves in a number of Latin American cultures.

Trip Duration

10 weeks

Age Range

17 - 23 years old

Trip Cost


App Deadline

March 28, 2020

Training Camp

May 31st - June 7th

Trip Dates

June 8th - August 9th


Week 1 | Guatemala

Our first week will be the kick-off of a lifetime. You will join our parent program, Global U, in Guatemala for training, activation, and adventure at Lake Atitlán. The lake is formed in a massive volcanic crater and surrounded by coffee fields and Mayan villages. From world-class mentor teachings to paragliding off a volcano, you’ll have an unforgettable first week.


Week 2 - 5 | Costa Rica

We will continue our summer journey along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica! Jaco is known to be an international hotspot for surfers. The landscape is filled with coconut trees and exotic animals. Right outside of the city lay luscious forests and dozens of incredible waterfalls. During this time, we will dive deeper into culture, ministry, and adventure. We’ll be partnering with a dynamic organization that lives out examples of the message of Christ in their business every single day.


Week 6 - 10 | Ecuador

We will finish our summer experience in Ecuador! You’ll be discipled and developed, dive deeper in digital marketing, and grow closer with your community - all in the diverse landscape of the Amazon jungle and Andean highlands. Listen to stories and learn from their unique culture. As you continue to build out your business plan, we will be working with local vendors who are doing the same.

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